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Friday, May 16, 2014

Whole 30, Day 5

A whole work week while on the Whole 30. At times, I felt that I would break down and go raid the pantry, sit in the office and cry, and yesterday I was about to set up the computer in the bathroom. What a rollercoaster ride. And it's only day five. At least I know it's working.

Today was my favorite day at the gym, leg day! Well, shoulders too, but legs are what's important here. Squats on squats, deadlifts, more squats, some extensions, and hopping around. Sore sore sore, and I love it.

Before all of this, I had breakfast. It was delicious.
I let myself have some berries at breakfast because legs takes a lot of work. I don't lift those fake 20 pound weights, either. Two eggs, some spinach, and coconut oil later, and I got it done. I find that since starting the Whole 30 and allowing some fruit (I used to not eat fruit), I feel much better, more awake, less sore. Maybe it's in my head, maybe not. It could also be from the nuts I'm not consuming. I haven't been bloated or lethargic like I am when I eat nuts. They may be delicious, but my body says no.

 Lunch was super simple. I had the scraps of this weeks veggies left, so I steamed them all, threw in some chicken and called it a salad. There's some olive oil as the fat. Also, this would be a good time to admit that I am now addicted to eating olives. I had some last week at a party, and good lord. I don't remember them being so delicious. I have purchased my own now, and refuse to share.

 Snack time was around 3pm. I had a half serving of berries with a TBSP of coconut butter. My trick is to heat up the coconut butter, then put in frozen berries. The coconut butter hardens on contact. It's ah-ma-zing.

I ended up getting off of work early, and my dear friend invited me to his gym. I'm not one to turn down an adventure at a gym, so I said yes. He had really attractive friends, so naturally I pushed myself through ANOTHER shoulder workout. Then I did a HIIT workout for 4 and some miles. I was a sweaty mess. Then I was  hungry.

 At the store the other day, I bought a butternut squash and a whole mess of chicken. I then got tomato paste, chicken stock, and some seasonings, and threw it in a crockpot. This is not a recipe I've ever heard of, but it smells awesome. I think I'll call it...butternut cocoa chicken....soup?
Sometimes I'm like a five year old. I made myself chicken nuggets. I cut some chicken breast into strips and rolled it into shredded coconut, paprika, and garlic powder. Baked for 20 minutes, and boom. Nuggets. I typically use almond flour, but no nuts for me. Are olives a nut? I'm not sure. They're the size of a nut. I also made a salad. Spinach, kale, broccoli, and avocado with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Are avocados a nut? No....fruit. I don't know anymore.

I'm going to go eat a few more olives and think about it. Then have some tea. 

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