Monday, July 14, 2014

Life goes on

It's been a crazy long time since I've written anything. I'm still receiving e-mails and comments, so I'm glad I haven't been forgotten about.

Over the fourth of July and other days, I hit a wall, known as sugarcomacombinedwithgluten-itis.

Not having any ailments, these foods don't hurt me, but I can definitely tell in my gym performance that three cupcakes in a night does not help one lift all that heavy in the morning.

Neither does a cocktail

Neither does 11 cocktails.

Don't try that out, trust me.

I had a lot of fun with my friends, and since I'm moving away soon, forever, I want to go out and have fun, enjoy being a 24 year old female for a short while before I have to turn into a stone-cold Marine, you know? I know there are other ways to go out and have fun, but it's a social time, and I'm okay with cutting loose a little bit.

I'm back on the grind though. Eating chicken, turkey, fish, beef, and all the veggies in the world. That's the thing. If I fuel my sugar dragon, he's good to sit for at least a month or two. It only takes a couple desserts and he shuts the hell up.

For those of you that I inspire, I sincerely thank you, and hope that I can continue to help in any way possible. My heart will also beat paleo and health, but I'm taking a step back for a minute to enjoy my life and time here before I never see these people again. I hope you understand.

Love always.