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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Days 7, 8, and 9

I haven't written the past couple days. Maybe it's because I suck at keeping these things up to date, or maybe it's because there is nothing to report.

I started a new workout program on Monday and it is fabulous. It requires that I do two workouts per day, on the same body part. I didn't know that this sort of sore existed. Last week, I did my own thing in the gym to get myself back in positive attitude about lifting. I'd been on my last program for 3 months and I was a tad burnt out, ya know? One can only do so many box jumps before wanting to hang themselves.

I made this slow cooker butternut squash chicken thing over the weekend, and that's what I've been having for dinner every day, which is why the pictures are non-existent. Honestly, I won't make it again. I thought I was being creative. Stuff tastes like ass.

Lunch has been salads with chicken, which I've been adding bits of fruit into. I'm trying to introduce more carbs. Truth is, I work out...a lot. I know people say you don't need carbs to function, but since I've been adding them, I function a hell of a lot better.

I even had three sweet potatoes so far this week. Boom, bia.

My mood is awesome, minus the anger that came with getting two tickets from the world's meanest officer the other day. Does it look like I have the money to be paleo and pay the state ridiculous sums of money? No. No I do not.

Get ready for the TMI. Maybe before the W30 I had adrenal fatigue or something, or maybe I was inadequately nourished (I was) but two major things I've noticed over the past 10 days.

I can poop again.
I want to have sex.

These are new things for me. I don't care how these things happened, but they did, and that's awesome. I'm eating enough through the day that I don't find myself craving food at night, and I sleep like a rock.

I think this is what they call winning.

Here, have some food porn.

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