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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Whole 30, Day 3

I know I'm on day four now, but yesterday I got busy. I am a case manager and who knows when I have free time to update my blog?! My schedule may be inconvenient, but let me tell you, I've learned how to pack a lunch and dinner. Whoever complains how hard it is to eat at work can hush. It's not that bad.

Yesterday I didn't eat anything spectacular. I've been craving almond butter but am making this Whole 30 nut free because I have one spoonful then I have 12. It's a serious problem.

I noticed that upon waking, I was energized. I didn't feel that I needed my morning coffee, and I was ready and raring to head to the gym. My bloat from the weekend of graduation party was already gone, and it usually takes a couple more days.

My scale called for me to weigh myself, but I restrained.

Breakfast was the same ol' 2 eggs and beet with veggies that I posted on day 2.

Lunch was the same as day 2

Dinner was the same as day two.

God, I'm boring as shit.

The good news is, I'm all out of curry chicken, so I'll have to cook something new and exciting for the rest of the week.

After dinner and work I went back to the gym for a HIIT running session, where again I ran over 4 miles. For the past three months I have battled the WORST SHINSPLINTS EVERRRRRR. I was sure that this hard of running would have me waking up unable to walk, aching, and miserable.

Nope. Totally fine. I can run again.

I've noticed that I get tired earlier the past couple of days. I usually stay up until 11, but have found myself ready to sleep around 10, still waking at 6 or 6:30, fully charged.

How's everyone else feeling? Hopefully my day four doesn't suck as much as day 3. I hate having nothing to write about.

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