Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 5 and today (Day 6)

Some people think that because I have a food blog, and post these amazing pictures of my meals (sometimes), that all I do is spend time in the kitchen and slave away at recipes. Well, that's wrong. More than half of my meals are cooked in a George Foreman. I almost wish I used microwaves, because I assure you my vegetables would be cooked. I buy that 1,000 pound bag of Normandy blend vegetables from Costco, and I eat them frozen. I am one lazy mother.

Yesterday was shoulder day at the gym. I can tell I did it right because holding my wrists up to type is a chore. Since I've switched gyms, I've noticed that I work harder because....well, there are many a cute men that work out in the morning when I go. Can't have them thinking I'm weak. This mentality got me a PR on my clean and press yesterday. I'm pretty sure no one saw.

This weekend marks the end of my 21 day work streak. Last week I got a day off from one of my clients' houses and went to the zoo and got a massage, but I was on the clock at the zoo, so it didn't count as an actual day off. I'm not complaining, my job is pretty awesome, but a day to be off in the big nowhere of my own life is just what the doctor ordered.

too much to ask?
I'm driving back to Des Moines, Iowa to see my girlfriends. The loves of my life. The people that have been there for me when the rest of the world wasn't.

I'm done being sentimental, sorry.

I'm currently at work and am off at 8 this morning. When I get to Des Moines at 10, it's straight to the farmer's market. I've e-mailed a farmer who sells grass fed and finished meat, and they have a beef heart, tongue, and lamb heart waiting for me. Can you say "who the fuck eats that?" Heart is delicious, and makes me feel like a real cavewoman. It's lower in fat for those days I want just a solid chunk of muscle meat...which is pretty much every day. I clear out my fat grams for avocado, because I'm obsessed.


I'm blessed to work in a home. I don't have to worry about not having food to eat, because I pack my own, and on overnight shifts, it looks like I brought my entire fridge...because I did. Anyways, having a full kitchen allows me to make good breakfasts, and in turn, prevents me from feeling like I missed out on breakfast and make poor choices through the day. I'm pretty proud of this morning.

I took a pouch of Wild Planet chunk tuna and smooshed it around in an egg white. After sauteeing a 50/50 blend of organic kale and spinach in some beef tallow, I dumped in the tuna mix and made a patty. While that was brewing, I cut up some cucumber to use as a transportation device for the pattty. Along with a side of salsa and avocado, I am a happy camper.

Seeing my girls today will be awesome. We have plans to go to a farm-to-table restaurant for brunch, and then disc golfing. Eventually, I will go to the gym and do my arms/calves/ab workout, but I'm not too worried about it. My loves come first.

Stay fierce.

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